Program LCVU day December 15, 2009

Location: M129, WN-building

13:30   Wim Ubachs (director of LCVU)
13:45   John Kennis (Biophysics)
    "Towards BioSolar Cells"
14:20   Dominik Kandula (Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics)
    "XUV frequency comb metrology"
14:40   Martin Depken (Theoretical Physics)
    "To flow, and not to flow - A microscopic approach to cytoskeletal
15:00   Coffee break
15:15   Bas van de Meerakker (Fritz-Haber-Institut, Berlin, Germany)
    "Cold and Controlled Collisions"
15:50   Silvia Tardioli  (Analytical Chemistry)
    "UV Resonance Raman Spectroscopy for structure elucidation of    
     histamine H1 receptor antagonists"
16:10   Alisa Rupenyan  (Biophysics)
    "Control of the protein over the isomerization reaction in PYP"
16:30   Joen Luirink & Peter van Ulsen  (Molecular Microbiology)
    "Introducing molecular microbiology"
16:50   Coffee break
17:05   Peter Gross (Physics of Complex Systems)
    "Seeing & Feeling: Studying DNA mechanics using multicolor fluorescence
17:25   Wybren Jan Buma (Molecular Photonics)
    "Light on molecular machines"

Location: Tuinzaal

18:00   Dinner & Drinks

Location: M129 WN-building

19:30   Presentation of the award for the best LCVU article of 2009
19:45   Mattanjah de Vries (University of California Santa Barbara, USA)
    "Double Resonant Spectroscopy in the Year of Darwin"
20:30   Davide Iannuzzi (Condensed Matter Physics)
    "ps-laser ablation system: a table-top micro-cutting device at the LCVU"

Location: Colloquiumzaal Laser Centre

20:40   Drinks